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Organizations choose Arvitam to protect their sensitive data and preserve their very large data volumes

Arvitam is a software platform designed to preserve digital assets securely, with strong legal proof of evidence, over time.

Records management with legal proof of evidence

Arvitam integrates 15 distinct processes to preserve the evidentiary value of archives. This enables customers to be fully compliant with archiving standards and regulations and enables them to adapt a degree of evidentiary weight to the sensitive nature of each document.

Expert performance and scalability

Arvitam is tailored for high performance, large volume archiving projects.
Below are some noteworthy results, drawn from a range of our client production sites:

10 billion

archives managed in a single Avitam deployment

120 apps

simultaneously connected to a single Arvitam platform

220 billion

metadata in one Arvitam platform

406 docs

ingested per second

2.5 Tbytes

largest file size recorded

These scores were compiled from a selection of actual use cases from the field. However as Arvitam is remarkably scalable, these performance indicators can only but increase.

Regulatory compliance

Arvitam is committed to ongoing research and development to keep pace with changes in regulatory compliance and legislation in the international arena so that we can provide up-to–date, knowledgeable support to our customers.

Infotel is an active contributor to research and user groups that focus on standardization issues, including AFNOR and FEDISA in Europe. Today, Arvitam manages digital data in compliance with near to 500 distinct texts, among which: ISO 14721,
NF Z 42-013, NF Z 42-020, ISO 15489, MOREQ, ISO 27001.

Arvitam has received numerous certifications from independent and government agencies at our client sites. Arvitam customers currently adhere to the following certified guidelines: ISO 27001,
NF Z 42-013, ISO14641-1, Confidentiel Défense (military-grade privacy), II901 (highly-classified documents), SIAF (French government agency archiving department).


Arvitam is built on modular and highly scalable architecture that enables extensive flexibility as your business needs evolve.

  • Add and program business application connectors
  • Improve performance with native clustering and component duplication
  • Switch between technologies (OS, DBMS, secondary storage…) with Arvitam system-independent capabilities.

Do you want to protect your enterprise documents with absolute confidentiality?