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Protect and secure access to your digital information, today, tomorrow and far into the future

No matter your industry, you must safeguard your digital information for future reference in compliance to legal requirements and industry standards.

Arvitam ensures accessibility, integrity, authenticity and traceability of all types of digital records for the long term, with specific expertise in the following industries.

Metals and Mining

Metal and mining operations often spread across multiple locations and employ a large number of workers. With multiple people from engineering, purchasing, contractors, construction and more generating content designed to be preserved for decades, an enterprise information archiving system is crucial for simplifying automated data governance with evidentiary proof, a perfect balance for Arvitam.

Science and Research

The scientific and research industry must preserve decades worth of research data contributing to scientific studies. Organizations in this industry need a cloud-based information archiving system to protect and preserve documents for the long-term. In many cases, it would not be uncommon for scientific/research organizations to rely on 50 years of IP (Intellectual Property) stored in their archiving system which presents an ideal scenario for Arvitam.


The energy industry incorporates global supply chains, remote workers, and diverse project stakeholders, all generating massive quantities of data and intellectual property that must be preserved, sometimes archiving for decades. Additionally, organizations must ensure data is in compliance with privacy legislation, environmental, and occupational health and safety regulations, an ideal use case for Arvitam.

Banking and Finance

Businesses and consumers rely on their financial institutions to generate, store and make available to their clients any and all PII (Personally Identifiable Information). This IP must be collected and archived confidentially and securely, while maintaining compliance with state, federal and potentially global regulations. Banking/Finance is one of the most targeted industries for cybercrime, and with an abundance of PII, financial organizations must protect the integrity of sensitive documents and electronic records at the speed in which the data is generated. Arvitam is made for this data governance scenario.


Insurance companies can process thousands, if not millions, of documents each day, such as client applications, policy changes, and financials. Keeping these records secure and accessible, as well as in compliance with industry regulations and guidelines like HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is a must and Arvitam has been doing just that with insurance companies across the globe.