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Staying Afloat During Layoffs: How Arvitam Can Help Your Organization Manage and Preserve Your Data

    The tech industry is facing a difficult reality: layoffs. According to CrunchBase, over 100,000 tech workers were laid off last year, and with news coming out weekly of cuts coming from companies like Google and Twitter that once seemed to be endlessly growing, it doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon.

    Companies are cutting back on staff in the face of an impending recession, leaving many professionals feeling uncertain about their future. And the workers who are left behind at these organizations are faced with increasing challenges as many teams are still expected to execute the same volume of work, yet now with fewer resources to accomplish it. This is a troubling trend, particularly for IT staff who are already accustomed to seeing workloads increase in concert with stagnant or decreasing resources.

    With data management, RIM, and cybersecurity demands skyrocketing, organizations better think quickly about how to ensure their IT teams are going to manage and safeguard their company’s data in the face of a declining workforce.

    It’s clear to us that integrating the right technology within your organization is key to weathering this storm. And we know how tricky this can be.

    Infotel’s growing roster of products is designed with these challenges in mind. We’ve been around for over 40 years and know that the industry relies on IT teams that are perpetually overworked and under-resourced, recession or not. This is why our solutions focus on bringing order to chaotic workflows and making IT professionals’ lives easier with simple and effective software.

    One of our latest software releases, Arvitam, is made for IT teams tasked with records management, electronic archiving, and digital preservation and can handle all of your organization’s data, regardless of origin, throughout its life cycle, on one platform.

    Arvitam is compatible with many different systems, databases, and environments and can be installed in the cloud or on-premises. The solution is also made with scalability in mind and is just as effective in a single server environment, as it is in one with dozens of servers. With Arvitam, your data is safe and accessible at all times, and it is designed to help you achieve any possible certification or compliance standard depending on your organization’s specific needs.

    With this level of accessibility, security, scalability, and adaptability, Arvitam can help your IT team make sense of the chaos when it comes to long-term data management and archiving. Depending on your needs, we can help you achieve compliance with data privacy regulations, internal data governance standards, and preparedness for any future auditing you may be subjected to. And you can adapt the solution to respond differently to different types of records to improve performance and reduce costs.

    We know how tough this industry can be, and we’re dedicated to bringing technology professionals the tools to help them succeed in the face of a rapidly evolving work landscape. Interested in learning more about Arvitam? Visit today.